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As principal of New Life Christian Academy, I’ve taken it as a personal charge to see that each and every one of our students does as Jesus did in the book of Luke; increase in wisdom and in stature in the eyes of God and man. Through dedicated preparation and focus, every student of NLCA is put on a Spirit-filled path of diligent excellence so that they may be given the necessary tools to go out into this world and not only succeed in the eyes of men, but more importantly, to flourish in the ways of God. Jesus is the example we proudly follow because He attained excellence in these very same areas.

In order for the students of NLCA to accomplish these tasks, we believe they should be led by qualified, Spirit-filled teachers who serve as role models; the curriculum should be centered in the teachings of Jesus and should major on the lessons pertaining to moral values while retaining a dedicated focus on intellectual development; the classroom environment must be conducive to learning, with minimum disturbances; and most importantly, students must demonstrate a willingness to support and exude Christian ideals as they proceed through their studies.

With these four areas as our focus, the staff of NLCA and myself strive to prepare our students to succeed in the classroom, in life, and above all, in their relationship with God.

As a principal and a father, I thank you for entrusting your child’s education and guidance to myself and the staff of NLCA. I guarantee it is not a responsibility we take lightly.



In God and in truth,

Stephen Sanford

Stephen Sanford

NLCA Principal

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